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Personnel & Administration Committee
"Give your servant therefore an understanding mind to govern your people, able to discern between good and evil; for who can govern this your great people?"
1 Kings 3:9

Purpose and Mission

Utilizing God's administrative gifts, the Personnel & Administration committee:

  1. Administers the business of the church to ensure that things run smoothly.
  2. Carries out all personnel functions; Hiring of Office staff; Annual performance reviews; Approves vacation/study leave.
  3. Works with the Senior pastor to coordinate the church office.
  4. Works with the Senior Pastor and the Clerk of Session to relate to Presbytery and the higher governing bodies of the denomination.
  5. Oversees the "legal affairs" of the church and retains counsel when needed.

Key Ministries and Initiatives

P&A is responsible for staffing the church office. P&A also ensures EEO compliance and fair hiring practices, maintains confidentiality standards, recommends to Session all personnel policies and merit increases, and maintains accurate job descriptions for all positions.

Annual Meeting of the Congregation

P&A is in charge of the program for the annual meeting of the congregation and makes sure that the provisions of the Book of Order are met.


With the Senior Pastor, P&A coordinates the work of Session (e.g., session agenda, annual calendar). P&A also provides support for the Clerk of Session.

Officer Training/Officer Retreat

P&A provides training for new officers and arranges for the annual Officer Retreat.

Calendar of Events
January - March
  1. New Officer Training (Jan)
  2. Oversee Annual Report Preparation (Jan)
  3. Annual Meeting of Congregation (Feb)
  4. Annual Office Retreat (Feb)
  5. Set goals with the Pastoral Staff
April - June
  1. Set Church calendar for next year
July - September
October - December
  1. Budget Review (Oct/Nov)
  2. Annual staff performance appraisals (Dec)
  3. Plan for Officer Training & Office Retreat
  4. Plan for Annual Meeting
Questions or Comments?

Email Committee Chair: Andrew Jost


2nd Thursday of the month
7:30 p.m., Church Office-Upstairs