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Stewardship & Finance Committee
"Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; bring an offering, and come into his courts."
Psalm 96:8

Purpose and Mission

The Stewardship & Finance Committee (S&F) is established by the Session to promote the joyful and responsible Christian stewardship of financial and human resources.

S&F committee has oversight for the:

  1. Annual Stewardship Campaign
  2. Time & Talent Surveys
  3. Annual Church Budget
  4. Financial Reporting
  5. Memorial Gifts
  6. Financial Reviews
  7. Church Treasurers
  8. Investment Funds & Policies
  9. Brainerd & Westminster Cemeteries

Key Ministries and Initiatives
Annual Stewardship Campaign

S&F prepares and implements the annual stewardship campaign for the congregation. The goal fo the campaign is to underwrite the congregation's budget for the next calendar year and to solicit meaningful involvement by members.

Time & Talent Survey

S&F coordinates the Time & Talent survey which encourages members to use their time and talents in God's service through the First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury. Members are given the opportunity to indicate areas of interest within the church life.

Preparing the Budget

S&F prepares the church's annual budget based on the projected needs submitted by various committees and groups within the church. A compiled budget is submitted to Session for approval.

Memorial Gifts

A subcommittee of S&F facilitates the giving of memorials to the church. Memorial gifts are recorded and allocated accordingly.

Endowment Funds

S&F interprets all endowment and budgetary policies as approved by Session. S&F makes recommendations to Session regarding investments of church funds.

Calendar of Events
January - March
  1. Annual report to Presbytery (Jan)
  2. Annual Meeting of Congregation (Feb)
April - June
  1. Budget Preparation
July - September
  1. Budget Preparation
October - December
  1. Annual Stewardship Campaign (Oct/Nov)
  2. Annual Compensation Review (Oct)
Questions or Comments?

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Email Committee Chair: Ken Gordon


2nd Tuesday of the month
7:30 p.m., Church Office