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Our People - Elders

The Session is the governing body of the local church. It is comprised of "elders" elected by the congregation in three classes of seven for a term of three years and all of the installed members of the pastoral staff. The Session is responsible for all aspects of the mission and government of the local church. Thus, it has many and wide-ranging responsibilities. All church organizations are responsible to the session. A lot of the work of the Session is conducted through its committees which include the areas of: Buildings and Grounds, Youth, Christian Education, Stewardship and Finance, Personnel and Administration, Outreach, Congregational Life, Mission, Service and Grants, and Worship.

The Session
Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Jo D. Andrews* (Christian Ed)
Pat Bohrs* (Worship)
Fritz Hager
Cassandra Khazem* (Youth)
Carol Kientz* (Clerk of Session)
Heidi Knowlton* (Congregational Life)
Marie Perrine
Samantha Andrews
Anne Gordon* (M,S&G)
Ken Gordon* (S&F)
Carlene Reyes* (B&G)
Vicki Waciega
Janet Wheeler
Don Winchell
Jack Fisher
Gail Geijer* (Nominating)
Andrew Jost* (P&A)
Edward Kietlinski
Ann Mooney
Renee Welch
Doris Wiegartner* (Outreach)

Moderator: Dr. Louis Mitchell
Clerk of Session: Carol Kientz

Committee *Chairperson
Buildings & Grounds Carlene Reyes
Christian Education Jo D. Andrews
Congregational Life Heidi Knowlton
Mission, Service & Grants Anne Gordon
Nominating Gail Geijer
Outreach Doris Wiegartner
Personnel & Administration Andrew Jost
Stewardship & Finance Ken Gordon
Worship Pat Bohrs
Youth Cassandra Khazem